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chain link fence and nature in the background

A chain link fence can be something that helps your business have peace of mind. It can also help make your property feel like it is truly yours.

The Greater Toronto Area is one of the most populated areas in all of Canada with over 6.3 million people. With that in mind, it could benefit a business or public space to establish some sort of privacy with a fence.

However, you need to be on top of the laws in the Greater Toronto Area for the maximum height of fences that commercial properties are allowed to have.

How is this determined? This guide will give you better insight on commercial fencing and the chain link benefits.

Front Yard Fence

Let's start with the front yard fence for a non-residential property. When it comes to this, it entirely depends on how close you are to a main road.

The main measurement in this is if your business is within 2.4 meters from a public highway or not.

If your business is within 2.4 meters of a highway, then the highest you can build these types of fences is 1.2 meters. However, if it is not within 2.4 meters of a highway, you can build your fence as high as two meters.

Back Fence

In Toronto, there are different sets of laws for fences that are not in the front of the property. However, the measurement of a fence being within 2.4 meters of a highway still applies here.

If it is within 2.4 meters of a highway, then the maximum height a business can have a fence here is two meters. However, if it is not within 2.4 meters of a highway, the maximum fence height extends to 2.5 meters.

Other Types of Fences

Of course, business buildings are not the only place where you may need a fence installed. This could be something for a public area such as a park, a tennis court, a basketball court, a baseball field, a football field, and more. With these types of locations, there is no maximum height that a fence can be.

Then, you have fences that are adjacent to a transit that has the right of way. In this situation, there is again no maximum height for a fence in the Greater Toronto Area.

Finally, you have the miscellaneous fences that do not fit in any of the categories above. When it comes to these types of fences, the maximum height for these is typically 2.5 meters.

Install a Chain Link Fence

As you can see, the maximum height that a chain link fence can be in the Greater Toronto Area greatly depends on its location.

Is it in the front of a business? Is it in the back of a business? How close is the fence going to be to a highway? Is the fence going to be in a public park or public area? These are the factors that you need to consider.

Do you want to know more about a chain link fence and other fencing materials? Request a quote from Urban Fence today.


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