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When securing your commercial, residential or industrial property, you should only rely on the best services. At Urban Fence, we have years of experience providing safe and reliable industrial fencing and gates in Brampton and the surrounding areas. If you browse through our gallery, you will find out how we've served the properties in the region by providing them with customized gating and fencing solutions tailored specifically to their needs.


This practice of delivering complete hands-on assistance and customized solutions to our clients has enabled us to grow over the years and raise the bar of customer satisfaction.

We have the experience, skills and equipment to get a profound grasp of your unique requirements and provide you with fences and gates that increase the value of your property and enhance your security.


Please call us at 289-201-9357 if you'd like to learn more about our industrial fencing and gates in Brampton and other services.


As a trustworthy fencing company in Richmond Hill and the rest of the GTA, we have satisfied many customers over the years. There are many reasons to hire us to be your fencing contractor, including:

High-quality fences

Customized solutions that meet your needs

Trained staff

Fences that are both cost-effective and long-lasting

Over 65 years of experience

Great customer service


Urban Fence Inc. stands out due to the depth of our knowledge. We do more than just sell fences. We design fence solutions. Our staff approaches your job in the same way a good architect would design a building or how an experienced landscaper would develop commercial space.

We pay thorough attention even to the minutest details while helping you choose a fence that’s right for you and help you install it. Our team analyses your requirements, budget, and property to pick a fence that matches your needs.

Moreover, for us, the process of installing your fence is just as vital as the fence itself. We install your fence with care and attention to detail, so you don’t need repairs and re-fixing procedures for a long time. However, when it does come to repairs, you can trust us to quickly and efficiently carry them out.


We understand that the fencing requirements of all kinds of properties are different, so we provide a range of customized options. Whereas in most residential premises, our regular chain-link fencing is sufficient, our ornamental fence can meet the purpose of increasing your property’s value. Moreover, our ornamental fencing can leave a good impression on the patrons and visitors of your commercial property. And if you want to protect an industrial property or a large farm, we can provide high-quality security fencing.


We have the expertise to provide suitable industrial fences and gates for your institutional security needs in Brampton. We offer a comprehensive list of options, and our fences meet all the necessary safety and security requirements. Moreover, our mechanics have years of experience installing fences on industrial properties of all sizes - whether it’s a warehouse or a factory.


We design, manufacture, and install fencing that combines functionality and form, executed with expert craftsmanship. Your acoustic barriers, chain links or ornamental fences will look as good as they function. Our customers appreciate the detailed artistry we put into each project, and we’re sure you will, too!


Urban Fence Inc. guarantees your complete and total happiness, whether you are a plant or property manager, architect, landscape designer, urban planner, construction manager, or a business owner.


If you are not 100% happy with your project, we will come back and make it right – guaranteed. Our promise to ensure your satisfaction is the primary reason why many customers choose us for their new fence and repair projects.


The great thing about doing business with Urban Fence Inc. is that we stand behind our work 100%. We have complete confidence in our ability to do a great job in any situation. Over the years, we have been able to provide high-performance and highly resistant fences to industrial and commercial premises across Richmond Hill and the rest of the GTA. Owing to our services’ quality and efficiency, we have established ourselves as the premier fencing contractor of Richmond Hill. Whether you want to keep your animals from wandering on your premises or protect your warehouse, at Urban Fence Inc., you can get customized fencing solutions that cater to your specific needs.


Providing you with high-quality fences is just half the job. It is also equally important to ensure that the fence has been secured into the ground correctly and precisely. Our team prides itself on fence installations that leave no room for complaints.


Are you thinking of modifying your property’s exteriors? We are one of the most reputed industrial fence installation contractors, delivering quality services. How about adding more security with fences? Contact us today to find out the most affordable fencing options.

Choose Us, Choose Quality

We will quickly answer your call and provide suitable fencing solutions for your needs.

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