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A damaged fence makes your company or job site vulnerable to theft or vandalism and could make you liable for injury. Depend on Urban Fence Inc. for professional, efficient industrial and commercial fence repair services for Oakville businesses. Our experienced team will assess the damage and make the necessary repairs to promptly restore the functionality and visual appeal of your fence. Contact us today to get fast assistance or request a quote.

Commercial fence


From a security breach to a severe storm, numerous situations can damage your fence, necessitating a repair. Here are some of the common commercial fence repairs that Oakville businesses face:

Fence post replacement. One of the most common commercial fencing repairs involves replacing damaged, loose or rotted fence posts. Sturdy and stable posts are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the fence.

Chain link mesh repair. Chain link fences are durable, but a section of mesh can sometimes get broken or bent. Repairing or replacing damaged sections of chain link mesh helps restore the security and appearance of the fence.

Gate repair. Commercial fences often include gates for access control. Repairs may involve fixing hinges, latches or damaged gate panels to ensure smooth and secure operation.

Fence panel replacement. Damaged or deteriorated fence panels may require replacement. This repair helps maintain the visual appeal and integrity of the fence while addressing issues like rot, rust or impact damage.

Fence painting or staining. Over time, the paint or stain on commercial fences may fade or chip, impacting both esthetics and protection. Repainting or staining the fence can rejuvenate its appearance and provide added weather resistance.


Look for these signs that it’s time to contact a professional fence company in Oakville for a repair.

Visible damage. Watch for visible signs of damage, such as bent or leaning fence posts, broken or missing panels, or sagging gates. These are clear indications that your commercial fence needs repair to maintain its security and appearance.

Loose or rusted components. If you notice loose screws, bolts, or hinges, or if you see signs of rust on metal components, it's time to call Urban Fence Inc. Loose or rusted parts compromise the stability and functionality of the fence and should be addressed promptly.

Security breaches. If there have been recent security breaches or unauthorized access to your property, have a professional inspect your fence for any vulnerabilities. Any gaps, holes, or weak spots should be repaired to ensure the security of your commercial premises.


The dedicated professionals at Urban Fence Inc. work hard to be Oakville’s most trusted commercial and industrial fence company. We understand you need a reliable fence company to call on for quick repairs with minimal downtime. Contact us today to schedule a fence repair with one of our experienced technicians.

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