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Chain link fencing is a cost-effective solution that's easy to install and maintain, especially if you're looking for a barrier to protect your business.

According to the Peel Regional Police, there were 1,376 break-ins from Jan 1 - Aug 31, 2022.To protect your company's premises, you'll want to erect a quick fence requiring little to no maintenance. Or a chain link fence. Before we talk about cantilever fittings you can attach to your chain link fence, let's define some jargon.

Chain Link Fencing Terms

Chain link fencing was invented by a company called Barnard, Bishop & Barnards. Before manufacturing the fences with the machine, it (the machine) was used in the weaving industry. This weaving history has resulted in many of the chain link fencing terms being similar to clothing manufacturing. Chain link fabric refers to the body of the fence and comes in multiple styles. The gage of the chain link fabric refers to the wire's thickness. Then the mesh refers to the patterns weaved into the fabric. Chain link fences are stabilized by the frame posts. There are a few types of frame posts; line posts are beams in between frames, terminal posts form the corners or gates, and horizontal posts top off the frame. Now it's hard to distinguish between a sliding and a cantilever gate, but the main difference is that a sliding gate has a sliding track - a cantilever system rolls without one. Now that we've spoken about the chain link terms. Let's now define the three types of chain link fence cantilever fittings.

Three Types of Chain Link Fence Cantilever Fittings

If you are planning to enter and exit your property, recently surrounded by chain link fencing, you will need a gate. One method of creating this gate is to utilize cantilever fittings. There are three important fittings you need to know and use, which include:

Cantilever Gate Latch

In its simplest form, the sole purpose of a cantilever gate latch is to guide the rolling fence into position. It is also installed on the gate. When in place, the fence can be locked securely to the terminal posts. Generally, a cantilever gate latch will have a U-blot to allow for easy installation onto the terminal post. Be aware that the designs of these gate latches can vary widely. Having someone to advise which cantilever gate latch you should install will help.

Cantilever Post Latch

The main difference between the post and gate latch is their positioning. The latch in question is installed on the terminal post. We'd recommend a post latch as it is more secure.

Cantilever Roller

To get the gate rolling, you need to install a cantilever roller. These are available in various materials and installed directly onto the posts and fence. How these attach and work varies again because of the magnitude of selection. We'd honestly recommend getting it installed by a professional.

Get Your Chain Link Cantilever Fittings Installed By The Best

When installing chain link fencing and cantilever fittings, instead get the professionals to do it to save you time and money. Give us a call today for a quote!

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