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Iron fence with a fence panel

Temporary fence panels are a primary crowd control method used predominantly by companies in the marketing, event, and construction industries.

They offer a convenient, secure way to ensure that only people who pay for a ticket can attend an event. They protect performers from overly-excited fans at concerts or passersby from getting injured at a street-side construction site. These commercial and industrial fences are why most events don’t result in crowd control nightmares. Are you looking to install temporary fencing but don't know whether buying or renting is right for you? Read on to learn the benefits of each option.

What Are Temporary Fence Panels?

Temporary fences serve a similar purpose to the ones you see on commercial or residential properties. They secure a site from unwanted intrusion and provide privacy. They’re typically used for temporary events like concerts, sports games, festivals, fairs, and expos. In some cases, authorities may use them at protests or other public gatherings to manage or direct crowds. Whether renting temporary fencings or buying them, you need to understand your options. The most common types include chain-link fences, vinyl fences, and perimeter and privacy mesh panels. What you choose will depend on your needs and your temporary fence budget.

The Benefits of Renting

A temporary fence panel provider will typically cost out rental fees by length. Of course, this also depends on the type of fence you get (height and materials) and how long you need it. They may also charge for installing and dismantling the fence and for hardware. You should choose to rent if:

  • You lack the space to store fencing (or can’t afford storage facility fees)

  • You won't use the fencing very often (twice a year or less)

  • Your discretionary spending budget is unpredictable

  • You have a small staff

The Advantages of Buying Temporary Fencings

Buying your own set of temporary fence panels might seem more expensive at the outset but renting multiple times a year will get expensive fast. If you decide to buy, research the type of fence you need, and get quotes from more than one fencing provider. You should choose to buy if:

  • You have adequate and cheap storage space

  • You’ll use the fencing often more than three times a year

  • You can afford to pay a lump sum

  • You have your own installation team

If you need something more permanent, you might even want to consider commercial fence installation instead.

Do You Want to Save in the Long Term?

Temporary fence panels are a great idea if you need a fence fast. For example, expo venues, festivals, weekend events, construction sites, and other short-term needs can benefit from rentable fencing. However, if you need a fence for the foreseeable future, you’ll save a lot of money by choosing a more permanent option. Rent fees add up quickly if you're using the fence multiple times a year, buying makes better financial sense. If you're a Greater Toronto business looking for fencing options, reach out to our expert team today. City Fence has been in business for over 35 years, and we can provide recommendations for any scenario.




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