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Security fencing around a commercial building

You may have questions about security fencing for your commercial property. Do you need it? What kind do you get? Is it really secure? Here are some answers to the most common questions about commercial security fencing:

Security Fencing Purpose

The purpose of security fencing is in the name: security. A fence sets the bounds of property and discourages people from wandering onto the property. People who want to enter your business property must do so in the way that is directed. When you have a fence, you have a specific way in and out, which is communicated to everyone. How you want your customers and team members to come onto your property will help you choose the type of entrance for your fencing. Security fencing can also serve a duel purpose. It can offer security from thieves or vandals and can be ornamental. Here are some examples of security fencing in Oakville.

Security Fencing Material

The best security fencing material is usually chain link or steel. Wood is not optimal because it can be broken easily. Vinyl can be used, but weather conditions are harsh on vinyl. Chain link is usually a more cost-effective option for businesses. The fences are made of steel and are generally coated with zinc, aluminum, or vinyl to keep them from rusting. Steel fencing is also a popular fencing material. It is strong and long-lasting and can come in different colours if you want to match your building. Steel fencing can also come with much smaller holes than chain link fences. It can also be made up of steel poles that are very close to each other.

Security Fencing Height

Security fencing height is set up to discourage people from climbing over. Usually, you will see fencing in the six to eight-foot range. Many of the fences have anti-climb toppers to discourage people from climbing over. These can be made up of razor wire or natural foliage that has spikes. A topping also adds height so your base fence doesn't have to be as tall when you have a topper.

Security Fencing in Oakville

What is the best commercial security fencing for your property? It depends on many different factors, including the type of business you own or manage, your needs, and your budget. Get in touch with us at Urban Fence, and let us help you find the right security fencing in Oakville at the right price.



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