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Chain link fence in Mississauga Ontario

One of the most overlooked additions to any commercial landscaping project is that of the fence. Many of us take fences for granted, or don’t give them much thought until we face a problem and then realize just how essential they are. Not only do fences provide privacy and a land barrier, they can also act as a source of security for commercial properties. There is a big difference between chain link fencing and security fencing, and choosing the right material depends on why you need the fence in the first place.

What’s the Purpose of the Fence? Many commercial or business properties will benefit from security fencing on top of their existing security measures. It never hurts to have an additional barrier between the property and someone disruptive who may want to break in. They key is to make sure that it’s both visually appealing and effective. Working with our professional fencing contractors can help ensure you choose the best materials and height for that purpose. Fencing can also add an element of sophistication for professional buildings, and those that want to put a little extra appeal into their landscaping. Choosing the right materials, colors, and height can create a multi-dimensional design opportunity. Deciding the purpose of the fence will ultimately guide the rest of the process. Whether safety, security, a division of property, or a combination of those, they will all have different height, material and enclosure requirements. What Type of Budget are You Working With? It’s important to establish your budget from the very beginning. This allows your fencing contractor to offer you the best options at the best price. It also helps to establish your limitations without any surprises mid-installation. As a commercial property owner or manager, you should think about your building’s fence as a sound investment in security and aesthetics. The fence can improve security and even increase the value of the property when maintained properly. Artfully placed fencing can also enhance your shrubbery and outdoor planters. The entire exterior can end up looking professional and coordinated. Chain link fences tend to be less expensive than wooden picket or privacy fences and offer a budget friendly option for everyone. Consider Maintenance and Repairs Most people don’t want to install a fence that they have to go out and fix every few months. This would indicate a poor investment and potentially drain your landscaping budget. One of the perks of hiring fencing professionals is knowing that they will install the fence right the first time, and this means fewer repairs over the long-run. But this doesn’t mean that you should neglect routine fence maintenance. Anything that you install requires some sort of upkeep over time; and it’s important to consider this before deciding on the type of fence you choose to have installed. For more information on fence installation for commercial properties in the Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Richmond Hill areas, call Urban Fence at 905-965-6767 today. You can also reach us online using our contact form.


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