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There are over 62,000 warehouse workers in Canada, and they play a critical role in helping the economy run smoothly. It's not uncommon for a warehouse to handle thousands or even millions of products each year.

With so many orders coming in, workers must ensure that products are shipped on time and arrive in perfect condition. If you want to provide your customers with the best service, your team must be able to shift from one task to another quickly. Indoor fencing can help accomplish this goal.

Keep reading for why you should install chain link fencing in your warehouse.


An indoor fence can help protect people from dangerous machinery, like forklifts or conveyor belts. They also protect employees from tripping hazards caused by items left lying on the floor.

A chain fence will deter intruders from vandalizing your warehouse if they make their way in. The galvanized wires are durable enough to withstand attacks from potential thieves.


If your warehouse has sensitive information or equipment that needs to be protected, chain link fencing is the perfect way to do so! The fence will keep outsiders away from private documents while allowing guests and employees to explore other areas.

Access Control

Let’s say you have several spots in your warehouse where employees manufacture and inspect goods. You would want to restrict access to these areas so that only those involved in production can enter them and disturb other workers. Chain link fencing is an excellent option for this type of situation.

A professional fencing company can install your fence in a day or two. You’ll have quick control over who has access when needed. Because only authorized personnel will enter certain areas, this will streamline warehouse processes by reducing distractions among departments.

Mark Boundaries

It’s important to create zones in a warehouse environment so new employees can easily discern where to go for different tasks. You can have one section of the warehouse designated for packing and shipping and another area marked for receiving materials.

This will make your onboarding process easier. Your team can devote more time to projects instead of training.

Chain link fences are also perfect for marking off parking spaces for forklifts. The warehouse will look a lot neater without trucks parked in random places.

You can also use chain link fences to separate dumpsters from employees. If the trash is in one area, it will be less of a hazard.

Traffic Control

If you don’t have indoor fencing, chances are people will be all over the place. Installing fences indoors can maintain a smooth flow of traffic.

Chain link fences are also great for creating traffic lanes. You can use them to direct people to where they need to go.

Install Chain Link Fencing in Record Time

It’s clear that chain link fences can make your warehouse run a bit more smoothly. But what about the installation process?

We understand that warehouses are busy places, and you don’t want the indoor fence installation to slow things down. That’s why we promise to install chain link fencing in practically no time at all. If you’re ready to experience more productivity and improve your workers’ safety, request a quote from Urban Fence Inc.


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