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Chain-link Fences

Do you run a commercial or industrial business in the Tri-Cities area? If so, you know how important a secure perimeter can be to your bottom line. Chain-link fencing is a durable, affordable and low-maintenance fencing material that can easily be reinforced with several innovative features to provide enhanced protection. Here are a few must-haves.

1. Anti-climb mesh

You can prevent unauthorized access to your property and deter potential intruders by integrating anti-climb mesh into your chain-link fence. This specialized design incorporates a close-weave mesh with small openings, making it challenging, or nearly impossible, for intruders to gain a foothold for climbing.

You can also add anti-climb toppers to your chain-link fence, such as rotating spikes and anti-climb spinners. These toppings often look sharp and spikey but aren’t designed to harm or cause injury to potential intruders. Instead, they stop unwelcome guests from getting a grip and continuing over the fence to land on the other side. They also act as a great visual deterrent, preventing intruders from even attempting to climb over in the first place.

2. Electrified strands

You can take your business’s security to the next level by electrifying an offset wire on your chain-link fence. The electrified strand provides an extra layer of defence by sending a carefully calibrated, non-lethal electric shock to anyone attempting to breach the fence. This unexpected and unpleasant jolt is usually enough to stop a potential trespasser in their tracks, enhancing your business’s overall perimeter protection.

3. Integrated security cameras

You can further elevate your security by integrating surveillance cameras into your chain-link fence design. Strategically positioned cameras act as a visual deterrent for thieves and can capture suspicious activity around your business. Many security cameras provide a continuous video feed so you can monitor your perimeter 24/7, capturing potential security breaches in real time. Plus, if a crime does occur, police can use the recorded footage to help find the culprit.

Investing in these innovative chain-link fencing features can help you safeguard your business and provide peace of mind knowing that your establishment is well-protected against potential security threats. The Urban Fence Inc. team can help you design the perfect solution for your business.

Innovative Chain-link Fencing Upgrades in Mississauga and Oakville

If you want to increase your business’s perimeter security, Urban Fence Inc. is the place to go in the GTA. We carry an impressive selection of commercial and industrial fence products, including chain-link and ornamental fences. We also offer comprehensive installation, repair, upgrade and beautification services. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote.


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