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close view of a metallic fence

When most of us think “fence installation”, we think of having contractors come out in sunny, warmer months. What many of us don’t realize is that this is both increasingly expensive, and it can add weeks to your installation timeline. It can also become an eyesore when your landscaping works to enhance your business exterior. Let’s talk about the benefits of fall and winter fence installation.

The Cost If you are calling a fencing contractor to come in and schedule a spring or summer installation, then you are competing with a large number of other business owners who have the same idea. It helps to know that there are fewer requests for fencing projects in colder months, meaning that you will be able to secure services at a lower price with more scheduling flexibility. With fewer bookings, your fence can end up costing quite a bit less. As demand goes down, so does the price. Materials Whether you’re interested in a chain link fence or something along the lines of a wooden privacy fence, scarcity of materials can drive up the cost. During fall and winter months, there is less demand for fences. This can result in a lower cost for materials that translate into an even lower cost overall. Some companies are prepared to clear out leftover materials from the warmer months that went unused, and this can mean deep discounts. Even security fencing can come at a lower price when purchased during a strategic timeframe. Faster Installation With fewer appointments to contend with, your project can take priority. During the spring and summer months, business owners are fighting just to secure a spot on their fencing contractor’s schedule. Booking your fence installation in the “off” months means that you won’t have to wait for your project to get started. Having a more flexible schedule also means that you can pick your start date, and better coordinate it with what you have going on. Permits take less time during the fall and winter, and there are more crew members available to help with the installation. In short, working around the peak construction season gives contractors the freedom and manpower to prioritize your fencing project. Less Damage to Your Landscaping We all know how brutal winters can be in the Greater Toronto Area, and this usually means a break in your landscaping. So, it makes sense to have your fence installed in the months when the work won’t damage your plants or disrupt your yearly exterior maintenance and enhancement projects. This also allows plenty of time for you to plan and allow new growth around any areas disrupted for the fencing project. Waiting until the fall and winter means having your gorgeous business premises intact in time for spring blooms. Customers appreciate a well-kept and well-maintained exterior landscape, and this can help keep it that way. Don’t Disrupt Springtime Outdoor Pleasure for Fence Installation Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville are all extremely gorgeous cities during the spring and summer seasons. Don’t allow your fencing project to detract from the view. Having your fence installed in months your customers wouldn’t usually spend outside allows them to really enjoy the scenery when the snow melts and the first blossoms begin to bloom. For more information on your fall and winter fence installation in the Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, or Richmond Hill areas, call Urban Fence at 905-965-6767. Or you can also send us a message using our convenient online contact form today.


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