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White commercial fence around a building

Installing a commercial fence is an integral part of establishing your property line and keeping people out. However, not all fences are made the same. Your business may prioritize appearances over security, or you may want to keep wandering eyes out of your space.

The major types of commercial fencing you'll look at are chain link, wood, vinyl, and ornamental. The best commercial fence for Brampton will depend on your specific needs and budget. Here are the differences between these options.

Chain Link

A chain-link fence is one of the most common types of fences for a reason. They're easy to install, affordable, and can secure a perimeter quickly. You can use them indoors and outdoors with no problem because they're durable and can last for years. If your chain-link fence does happen to bend or break, it's easily repaired. You can swap out the segment of fencing or replace the railing for under $60 as a DIY project. The only downfall of a chain-link fence is that some are easily scaled, and they don't provide much privacy.


Wood fencing is great for a more classic look. In a restaurant setting, you could use a flat design to provide privacy for your diners. You can also use them for outdoor storage. The biggest drawback when it comes to wood as a material is its lifespan. A lot can go wrong with a wooden fence if it isn't maintained. Bad weather could break off pickets or boards, which would then have to be replaced. The fence could begin to lean. It may also develop rot or termites.


Vinyl commercial fencing is a great option if you want something that'll last. It's UV protected, and you never need to repaint it. If you want a wooden appearance without needing to maintain it, there's a vinyl option for that. You won't have to worry about rot or rust. However, vinyl is susceptible to extreme weather changes and can cost more than wood or chain-link.


Ornamental commercial fencing is the fanciest option. Decorative iron fencing has become an industry-standard due to its appearance and durability. Its sturdiness offers enhanced security since it isn't easily damaged, and many design options are available. You can purchase them as preassembled panels that make for an easy installation and are low maintenance. Like a chain-link fence, it doesn't do much for privacy, but it's one of the better options for keeping people out of your property.

Commercial Fence in Brampton

Commercial fencing provides security, privacy, and a touch of curb appeal. The kind you purchase will depend on the type of business you own, its location, and your budget. If you're interested in buying the best commercial fence in Brampton, contact us or request a quote.



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