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Urbance Fence repairing a fence

A fence provides the first line of defence against any physical intrusion, clearly establishing the perimeter of a property. But a damaged fence fails to fulfill this function. Therefore, maintaining the good condition of the fence is important.

Urban Fence Inc. has been a trusted fencing contractor in Mississauga for over six decades. We have handled fencing projects for all sorts of industrial and commercial clients. We have been in this field long enough to justifiably inform you that DIY fence repair techniques seldom allow you to fix the problem and often end up costing more in re-repairs.


Fences take on a lot of damage as they are always exposed to the elements. Winters are especially hard on wooden fences. The damp air encourages bacterial growth, which weakens the structure of the fence, causing significant damage. If you live in a heavy snowfall place, the weight of the accumulated snow might break the fence. Hiring a fencing contractor to repair and evaluate the fence's conditions from time to time will increase the fence's life, ensuring it doesn't fall into disrepair. Read our blog for tips to help your fence survive the winter. Most property owners’ policies cover fences, but delaying small repairs will lead to more expensive repairs, which the insurance company might refuse to cover stating damage due to prolonged negligence. Instead of waiting or trying to repair your fence yourself and risk insurance complications, you can hire a fencing contractor to repair the fence in the early stages. We can evaluate the extent of damages and quickly estimate the restoration expenses, which you can then produce to initiate the claim process immediately. We also know the best materials to use for a given project and are tied up with suppliers who will sell them to us for the best price, so that you will get the best deal for your money. The whole project, including the materials and the workmanship, will have a warranty that you can claim if anything is faulty. No matter the degree of damage, we can restore your fence to its original look and retain the aesthetic of your property. We are also experts in designing fences and make any changes requested to improve the look of your property. This is particularly important if you are thinking of putting your property on sale. If you’re looking to establish clear boundaries and secure your farm/business, Urban Fence Inc. has you covered. We provide options such as chain link, security and ornamental fence installations for industrial and commercial properties. We also offer excellent fence repair services. Contact us today for a quotation on your fence repair project in Mississauga and the GTA.


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