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a temporarily closed construction sign behind a steel fence

Building your dream home or business is an exciting journey, which will get you wondering about the types of fences for your construction site.

According to Nerd Wallet, the average cost per square foot to build in Canada's major cities ranges between $120 to $275. While most of this estimate is labour, a lot is invested in materials. To keep these materials protected from being stolen, you will need to erect construction site fences. Here's our fence guide to ensure your construction site is secure.

Heras Fencing

Heras fencing is generally associated with festivals and events. This panel system was introduced only four decades ago and has become a common site in metro centers.

These temporary solutions consist of fully galvanized weaves (or sheets). The weave of the wire is not the usual diamond-shaped but rectangular, making it difficult to climb over. Heras fences are not secured into the ground via a foundation or framing post as a temporary solution but are instead anchored into place using feet, weights, or cement anchors.

While these won't require you to invest much capital, as they can be rented, they aren't as secure. Construction developers usually ensure a security guard is in place along with this fencing option. But this isn't a fully air-tight plan like our following choices.

Two Types of Construction Hoarding

To keep your construction site private from prying eyes, you will need to rent a construction hoarding solution. Hoarding solutions are often required in areas where there is high foot traffic. This ensures pedestrians keep moving. There are two material options to choose from:

  • Timber hoarding panels

As a truly sustainable solution, timber hoarding has plenty of long-term benefits. That's if the timber is harvested from an ethical source. The first benefit is customization. You can tailor the exterior appeal quickly with a simple coat of paint. Also, when erected, timber hoarding panels are "air-tight" or, dare we say, "view-tight". They can be an expensive rental journey as sometimes they are a pure investment with no return.

  • Steel hoarding panels

With steel hoardings, it's not panels of woven steel but full lengths of IBR sheeting - or metal roofing. These are also simple to install, can be tailored (with a coat of primer paint), and have specific anchoring systems. This being said, these can be noisy if the area is susceptible to strong winds. But otherwise, a great solution. Now, let's talk about investing in a longer-term solution.

Chain Link Fencing

As a tried and tested method of securing properties, chain link fencing is easy to install and inexpensive. Not to forget, this is a solution you will have around your property after construction is complete. Why not get it installed right now?

Types of Fences For Construction Sites

When our team reviews all the types of fences, you can use for construction sites, with our 65 years of experience - a permanent fencing solution is best. While if you're on a budget, chain link fencing is excellent, it doesn't stop you from investing in a more solid solution. Look through our solution - here.


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