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Are you having trouble deciding the metal you should use for your next fence? That's not surprising because the choices can be confusing.

That's the reason we suggest you first consider why you've decided to install a metal fence. Then let your need determine the material used.

As you will note below, specific materials are more likely to be found with certain types of fences.

When You Need to Reduce Noise

Is your location troubled by constant noise from traffic or industrial operations? You can reduce the amount of noise that reaches your facility using our acoustic barriers.

Acoustic fencing disrupts the sound wave pattern emanating from the source. The result is an appreciable drop in the decibel level. Lowering the decibel level of unwanted sound can mean the difference between unrelenting annoyance and suitable working conditions.

Typical Material: Galvanized Steel. Galvanized steel is usually the frame on which the acoustic material mounts.

When You Need to Combat Thieves

Beef up your company's defence with our intimidating security fencing. By necessity, security fences use sturdy materials securely anchored.

The extended height of our security fencing also gives you convenient locations to mount your surveillance cameras for added protection.

Even though security fences are there primarily to stop thieves, they can still look appealing. Industrial fencing can protect your property while also adhering to the clean esthetic you want for your perimeter.

Smaller companies with a lesser security threat might rely upon typical chain-link fencing. However, you can make a distinction between regular chain-link fencing and security fencing. Chain-link fences are available at different heights but are often considerably shorter than strict security fencing.

Typical Material: Galvanized Steel. A galvanized steel fence is rust-resistant. It also presents a formidable challenge for thieves to cut.

When Appearances Count

Do you need help locating commercial fencing that you find attractive? Consider decorative fencing. It adds an artistic touch to your property while still being strong enough to establish a barrier that prevents unwanted foot traffic.

Ornamental fencing is the best choice when appearance is more important than security or noise reduction. Metal decorative fencing works well in an industrial or commercial setting. In contrast, wooden ornamental fencing will likely work better for a business with a pastoral vibe, such as an urban tree farm or plant nursery.

But metal fencing is far more durable than its wooden counterpart. That advantage can mean less maintenance and expense in the long run.

Typical Metal: Iron or aluminum: Iron is classic and denotes elegance. An aluminum fence allows for considerable imagination from designers and fabricators. It's also weather resistant.

Speak With Us About Your Next Metal Fence

Don't let any additional questions you have about metal fencing linger. Instead, talk with one of your friendly representatives here at Urban Fencing.

Whatever your particular concern, we've likely tackled a similar issue for one of our previous clients. So, speak with us today. The sooner we install your new metal fence, the sooner you can be our latest satisfied customer.

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