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Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing in Brampton, Mississauga & Oakville

From the baseball field to your commercial property, chain-link fencing across Brampton is one of the most commonly utilized fencing systems available. Featuring endless versatility and resilience, we at Urban Fence Inc. offer chain link fences in commercial and industrial grades. If you need extra security and privacy at your property, our fencing services have got you covered.

Do you require chain link fencing in Brampton, Mississauga or Oakville? Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.


We specialize in providing our customers with a wide range of fencing solutions such as:

What Is a Chain-Link Fence?

A chain-link fence is a highly durable yet lightweight fence created with metal wires woven together in a wire-mesh design. Most chain-link fences use zinc plated or galvanized wires, which gives them their strength and agility. Also known as ‘hurricane fences,’ they’ve earned a reputation of being one of the strongest fences available in the market. These fences can stand high impacts, such as that of powerful winds and the regular wear and tear caused by the elements.


Enhance the security and safety of your property with chain link fencing in Mississauga from Urban Fence Inc. With a wide range of wire and mesh sizes, there is a functional fence in any size for any location and need. These two elements are the only variations in your chain link fence:


  • Wire Diameter – This is the thickness or gauge of the actual wire material used to make the fence itself. A smaller gauge number results in a larger diameter, and thus, a stronger fence!
  • Mesh Size – This measures the actual distance between wires in your fence’s pattern. Again, this affects the amount of material used and the strength of the fence itself.

Do you have any questions regarding our chain-link fences? You can send them to us, and we will get back to you.  

The Advantages of Chain-Link Fences

Why should you choose a chain link fence over any other option? These cost-effective security solutions are easy to install, require fewer materials, and need no maintenance. Installing and maintaining a chain-link fence is one of the highest-selling features of this fencing option. Our teams can have your chain link fence up in practically no time, and once the fence is in place, there is almost no need for maintenance. Explore all the advantages that a chain-link fence has over other kinds of fencing:


  • Longevity & Durability – Our fences are made from galvanized steel, which is designed to withstand wear and tear and weather of all kinds. Installing a fence that can endure our Ontario winters is a smart decision! Steel can also be coated or painted to either change colour or enhance durability.
  • Easy to Maintain – Maintenance of your chain link fence could not be easier, as it is virtually non-existent. The only active maintenance required is the occasional clean when needed. That’s it!
  • Easy to Repair – If your fence suffers damages, you can easily replace the necessary sections without having to replace the whole fence. The new section should easily blend into the fence’s pattern and will not disrupt the design.
  • Low Cost – A chain link fence is made from low-cost materials to begin with, so by comparison, it is a less expensive option. Installation of a chain link fence is also much easier than any other style, so the labour costs are cheaper as well.

These factors make chain-link fences a good option for those looking to protect their property without burning a hole in their pockets. Would you like to keep your commercial or industrial property with our chain-link fences in Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville? Call us to find out how we can help you. View our gallery for evidence of what we have installed for many of our fencing customers.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we at Urban Fence Inc. have provided dependable fencing solutions to Brampton, Mississauga, and Oakville residents. Those who choose us have many benefits to enjoy, including:

  • The expertise that comes with over 65 years of experience
  • Customized fencing solutions
  • Premium fences
  • Adherence to the highest standards of the industry
  • Great customer service
  • Skilled workmen

If you’d like to get a free quote before you hire us, you can call us at 289-201-9357. Call us today to discuss your chain-link fencing needs in Brampton, Mississauga or Oakville. We will help you find out if a chain-link fence is the right option for you. View our gallery for evidence of what we have installed for many of our fencing customers.

Chain-Link Fencing vs Other Options

We at Urban Fence Inc. understand that choosing the right fence for your industrial or commercial property can be difficult. However, having more knowledge can help you make the correct decision. You should consider these factors while deciding which type of fence is right for you:

  • Cost - Due to its material and ease of installation, a chain-link fence is usually cheaper than those made out of wood and vinyl, making it perfect for those looking for cost-effective options.
  • Durability - While a vinyl fence is popular for its extreme durability, chain-link and wrought iron fences don’t fall too far behind.
  • Design - Wooden and wrought iron fences are usually a popular choice for those looking to elevate their property’s look.

The choice ultimately comes down to what you want from a fence. If you want a fence solely to drive up your property’s value, an ornamental fence might be the right option for you. However, a chain-link fence is the best choice if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to protect your property from both weather conditions and intruders.

Chain Link Fence Repairs

Let our experienced technicians repair your chain link fence and help maintain it.

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