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Security Fencing

Increase Your Safety With Security Fencing in Oakville and the Rest of the GTA

When it comes to security, Urban Fence Inc. knows that protection and fencing go hand in hand. We take our clients' security very seriously, which is why we offer a wide selection of security fences in Oakville and the rest of the GTA. Protection is needed wherever sensitive areas exist. Whether you need a secure fence indoors or outdoors, we can install a fence to increase the security of your building.


Installing a security fence is a reliable way to protect your commercial and industrial property. Our security fences come with many specifications that you can pick and choose to meet your property's demands. We offer customized solutions, which means we carefully assess your demands and your property's needs before providing you with security fencing in Oakville and the GTA.

How Does Security Fencing Work?

Building an impenetrable enclosure for your property with a security fence is one of the best ways to keep your employees, equipment, and materials safe. Sturdy security fencing offers the right protection level and serves as the perfect obstacle between your costly equipment and possible intruders. Some of the other practical ways in which security fencing works are:

Security fences intimidate potential intruders.

Strong and tall fences deter intruders and trespassers by the sheer force of being visually intimidating.


Security fences give you control over your property.
Security fencing allows you to exercise total control of your establishment. For instance, security fences with cameras can give you an eye on the borders of your property.


Security features guard your property.
Most importantly, security features create a solid wall of protection around your property.

Advantages of Security Fencing

A security fence not only protects, but prevents unwanted access. Our fences can be built to any specification with secure locking doors and access points only available to those with permission. Fences keep sensitive areas free from trespassers and keep potentially hazardous locations inaccessible. A security fence from Urban Fence Inc. is your best option for peace of mind. Other benefits of having security fencing are:

  • It defines your property lines.
  • It gives you control over entry and exit.
  • It safeguards your business operations.
  • It keeps unwanted intruders away from your commercial property.
  • It helps prevent theft and vandalism.
  • It adds an aesthetic appeal to your establishment.
  • It gives long-term protection for your property.
  • It is low maintenance and highly cost-effective.
  • It has different specification options to suit exclusive business needs
  • It gives you and your staff privacy

Frequently Asked Questions on Security Fencing

Having the right know-how about security fences can help make choosing one easier. The following are some commonly asked questions about security fences:

  • How Long Does Fence Installation Take?

When it comes to the duration of your security fence installation, there is no set standard. Many factors determine the duration of the process, including the size of your property, the kind of material, the height of the fence, and the general landscape.


  • How Much Does Security Fencing Cost?

Like the duration of its installation, the cost of a security fence depends on many factors like the kind of material you choose and additional specifications. You can get a better idea of your security fence's cost by speaking to a member of our team.


  • Are There Any Additional Features I Can Add To My Security Fencing?

Our security fences come with many additional features that you can choose to meet your needs. For instance, you can add fencing tops and spikes for extra security, which prevent intruders from climbing your fence.


  • Which Kind of Security Fence Is Right for Me?

While choosing a security fence, you should consider the following factors:

- The purpose of the fence

- Your type of property

- The size of your property

- Your budget

- Any additional security requirements

Why Choose Urban Fence Inc.?

Urban Fence Inc. is your reliable fencing solution provider in GTA and the surrounding areas. With over six decades of combined experience in the industry, we strive to meet our clients' requirements. Our team specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing fences around your property. From wood privacy fences to automated security gates to ornamental enclosures, we install them all. If you want us to upgrade or modify your existing fence, we will get it done with perfection. When working on your project, we ensure to provide quality workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction.


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Rely on us for durable security fencing in Vaughan. Call us today to discuss your security and protection needs, and we will find the right security fence option for you. Or, view our gallery for evidence of what we have installed for many of our fencing customers.

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