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What should I Consider While Installing a New Fence?

Fences can add a lot of beauty to your home and solve a lot of practical problems. They add privacy to your yard, provide an extra security measure and increase property value. It can be difficult for homeowners to know what to consider while getting a fence installation. Urban Fence hopes to clear your doubts with this helpful article.

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Things to consider before fence installation are:

• Know Why You Want a Fence

Knowing exactly why you want a fence for your property will help you select the kind of fence that will benefit you the best. For example, the type of fence that keeps the dog in the yard is very different from one that will prevent break-ins.

• Consider Maintenance

A wood fence requires more maintenance than any other fence because it can potentially rot. If you are okay with the upkeep of a certain kind of fence, select it. However, be realistic about how often you are going to need to perform maintenance.


• Consider the Cost

Some types of fences are very cheap compared to others and if you are mixing different types, it could cost you less. While having the same kind of fence around your property looks organized and clean, it may negatively affect your wallet.

• Select the Height of the Fence

It’s important to consider the height of the fence as per local zoning laws before purchasing a fence. If you require a visual aid before completely deciding on the fence height, prepare a cutting board that can measure your proposed fence's height and have someone walk the perimeter. This will enable you to visually understand the type of privacy your fence would provide to your property.

• Don’t DIY

A lot of things are involved in fence installation than meets the eye. If a fence is not installed properly, there are chances of you encountering a lot of problems that you wouldn’t face if you had hired a professional. Let the experts do their thing.

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