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a criss-cross security fence is pictured in daylight

Despite economic headwinds, the security industry is still thriving. In 2022, the security industry was valued at $50.5 billion. It grew at nearly a 3% clip over the past five years.

This growth is fueled by the value that companies put on protecting their assets. Fencing is one of the most critical security measures that a business can take. Read on to learn why your business should not neglect security fencing. Explore five reasons why installing a security fence is paramount to your protection.

  1. Crime deterrence Deterrence is the number one reason to add a security fence to your commercial property. Did you know that there are more than 2 million police-reported criminal incidents per year? Victims of burglaries are left with substantial property loss in a given year. Many burglaries start with forced entry into a property. A security fence serves as a deterrent to potential criminals. There is a greater chance of moving on and finding a different target without enhanced security measures.

  2. Single point of entry Mass shootings are on the rise across the globe. In 2020, a mass shooting in Nova Scotia resulted in 22 deaths and many more wounded. With a safety fence, you can direct visitors to a single point of entry. According to safety experts, this is one of the single most effective strategies against violent crime. Here, you can screen visitors before they enter the premises. This is a good point for security guards, surveillance cameras, and other countermeasures.

  3. Privacy Some businesses want to maintain a level of privacy. There are various styles of safety fences. We can help design fencing that maximizes privacy at your location. This way, onlookers and potential trespassers cannot get a good look at the grounds.

  4. Cut down on trespassing A security fence is effective in decreasing the number of trespassers on your property. With less trespassing, your business is going to benefit in several other areas. Naturally, you are going to see less vandalism and loitering. Burglary and other commercial crimes are also going to decrease. You also strip potential criminals of the opportunity to scope out your business for a future crime.

  5. Employee well-being Many of your employees spend more time at work than they do at home. This is a place where they want to feel safe. A security fence gives employees the sense that their company values their safety. They can put their guard down and dedicate focus entirely to their job. In addition to the mental side, there is also a physical benefit to your employees. They are less likely to be physically present for a violent burglary or mass shooting event.

The Importance of Investing in Security Fencing

You now understand why a security fence is so pivotal at your place of business. It will help reduce crime and put your employees at ease. It can also streamline security operations to a single point of entry. If you are interested in installing security fencing, contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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