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view of an installed anti climb fence

Compared to normal fencing, anti-climb fences around your property makes it more secure by guarding against trespassers, burglars and stray animals. The design is such that it makes it difficult for people to climb over or cut through.

The type of anti-climb fencing most suitable for your project will depend upon your requirements. Barbed-wire fences have been very popular security fences almost everywhere. Urban Fence has a huge collection of security fencing products for commercial, institutional and industrial businesses. Different Types of Fences There are many materials available for fencing purposes. Here are some of them: Chain link fencing Galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wires are interlocked in a manner that they appear like a net. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. Wires of nine gauges are usually used for residential and commercial establishments; you can use thicker wires for more sturdy fences. It is a popular choice as it is cost-effective, durable and can be colour coated. Repair or maintenance is easy because you can simply cut and replace the wires as needed. Both the installation and repair of chain link fencing need very little time and there is nothing left to do after the process is completed. Wooden or timbre hoarding – These give an opaque look and can be used as a temporary option. The wooden posts can be set in concrete for a more durable setting. It conceals the space and you can paint them to match your building’s colour. Heras fencing – You can install and dismantle these very quickly. They are available in both heavy duty anti-climb and not so secure varieties. You can use them again and again. Metal hoardings – Metal is a flexible option. You can reuse it, customize it for security features and fit it to steel or timber posts. Initial installation costs may be significant but it has lifelong usability. Mesh panels – Mesh panels have an attractive appearance. The see-through panels add to the security and robustness. Palisade fencing – These are made from hot and cold rolled steel sections. They are almost impossible to climb as they can be constructed quite high. Also, they can be designed to achieve different finishes and colours. Choose from Different Security Features Choosing the most ideal type of security fence can be stressful as you have to consider the material, colour and adequate add-on safety features. Here are some suggestions to help you: • Incorporate elements which do not support climbing. The fence should be at least 8 feet tall with pointed structures on the top or barbed wires. You can even get them electrically pulsed. Do not have horizontal rails as it will help potential trespassers to get over the fence easily. • Solid opaque fences do not let you see someone approaching while chained or metal fences with thin bars do. Don’t worry about burglars entering through them; don’t worry about burglars entering through them as an efficient design and sharp spikes on top are effective deterrents. • Make sure the fence runs around your property, making it impossible for anyone to go around it or under it. • You can secure it to the ground with concrete for strength. Also, the fencing material should be strong enough that it does not cut through with bolt cutters. • Install good quality gates to add to the safety provided by the fence. • You can plant thorny vines or ferns along the perimeter to discourage people from climbing in. Plant it with galvanized or stainless steel fixtures for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. • Ensure you have not provided any unintentional access point. For instance, if there’s furniture placed beside the fence, it can help a thief to step on it and get into your property. Make sure you include the appropriate safety features to keep your establishment secure and protected. You can view some of our past ornamental and safety fence projects in our gallery. We have around 65 years of combined experience in serving our customers throughout GTA. Our staff pays attention to the details of both functionality and form. Contact us or request a quote for your security fencing requirements.


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